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Development path

Foshan Wharton NC equipment plant established, began to develop automatic painting machine.


Enterprise developed and expanded, attended in China International Door Industry Exhibition in Beijing for the first time, entered into wood coating industry formally.


Foshan Wharton NC equipment Co.Ltd established, production base expended, success in developing the first automatic detection painting machine of the world and got the patent.


Industry leaders visited Wharton NC Equipment Co.,Ltd and gave highly appreciate to our achievements.


Successful obtained the first Invention Patent for fully automatic painting production line of the world, with this, we got more than 20 patents. At the same time, Wharton Equipment developed painting robot.


Successful passed authentication of ISO9001-2008 quality management system certificate and applied ERP software management.


Robot division was established. At the same time cooperated with internationally known robot enterprise, successful developed robot series and brought into production.


Completed the shareholding reform, officially renamed “Foshan Wharton Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.” Established Wharton Industrial park which covers an area of 7000m3, realized integration mode of industrial design, manufacturing, whole plant planning and integrated sales.